Powder ingredients

Powder ingredients


Belgomilk Ingredients offers dairy products in powder form for the following applications:

  • base powder for IMF (infant milk formula)
  • instant whole (full cream) milk powder
  • instant modified (such as fat-filled) milk powder
  • instant skimmed milk powder
  • heat-stable milk powder
  • milk powder for use in chocolate, cookies and sweets
  • milk powder for recombining applications, such as UHT milk
  • skimmed milk powder for use in cheese production

We package our powder ingredients in 25 kg bags or in flexible intermediate bulk containers (big bags). We can also pack them in bulk (directly onto the truck).

Our R&D department would be happy to work with you to develop the best product for your specific application.

More info? Please contact Mr. Hans De Bie via telephone on +32 (0)3 730 1800 or fax us on +32 (0)3 730 1905, or send an email to salesB2B@milcobel.com.

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